o replace GoogleMaps with OpenstreetMap (OSM)

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o replace GoogleMaps with OpenstreetMap (OSM)

Postby boo_kyoshii » Thu 17 Oct 2019 2:09 am

In addition to running slightly different websites, I also test different options for using various tools for later use on my Joomla 3.9.12 sites.

Right now I'm looking at how to replace GoogleMaps with ZH OpenstreetMap (OSM) and it looks reasonably promising.

As long as I create placements in OSM it is relatively simple.

However, I would like to have some automation made so that contacts are retrieved and displayed as Placemarks on the map.

For that I have looked at Geommunity 3 + various plugins, JA Open Maps and a few other tools that unfortunately use GoogleMaps and they are therefore not interesting.

It is possible that I see the completely wrong way in terms of tools, it is possible that my skills are completely next door, but how do you make such a link between OSM and Contacts?